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Spanish Almond Board - Almendrave

Spanish Almond Board-Almendrave is the Association of Almond and Hazelnut Exporters of Spain.

SAB-Almendrave was established in 1947, and in 1987 was appointed as a Collaborating Institution of the Spanish Administration.

It currently represents the 68% of the national almond and hazelnut exportation activity.


Mission, vision and values


To help our associates to generate value for their products, which are obtained by using sustainable practices and the improvement of the best quality and traceability conditions.


Capacity to adapt to the changing scenarios of the market.


Committed with the supply of quality and sustainable products.
Almendras. Almendrave.
Avellandas. Almendrave.
Almendrave, almendra y avellana española
Spain, being a country of reference in respect of the production of almonds and hazelnuts, has become one of the main importers. These importations are subsequently channeled abroad, after a skilled industrialization.

On March 6, 2018, SAB-Almendrave subscribed, together with Aeofruse (Spanish OPFH Association of dried fruits and carobs) and Descalmendra (National Association of Almond Hullers), the signing of the Agreement of Quality Standards for the exportation of Spanish almond..

To always assure the maximum quality of the products we represent, the investment in R&D is the main pillar of all our associates, value that pursues the excellence in all its processes and products.


Within the general culture of our partnership basis, stands out our commitment with sustainability that passes through the creation, promotion and management of our products and services, that result in social welfare, economic progress and environmental balance.

SAB-Almendrave associates are committed with the responsible and efficient use of water, as being a valuable and limited resource. Some of our associates also have renewable energy generation and circular economy programs.

In SAB-Almendrave we are working to find the balance between the activity of the product and the sustainability process, through our commitment with the environment.

Nutrition and health

The nutritional profile of dried fruits, in general, and of almonds and hazelnuts, in particular, is ideal for a Mediterranean diet that will contribute to the prevention of some diseases as, for example, cardiovascular.
Thanks to their undeniable and scientifically proven benefits for health, year after year we see increases in the consumption of almond and hazelnut, worldwide.
Galletas de almendra. Tejas.
Nutrición y salud almendras y avellanas